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Celebrating adoption through handmade Korean mandu

Deliveries are paused until further notice, but pick up a bag of dumps at one of our retailers.

The Makers

Sarah & Nate


The year was 1988. The Olympics were held in Seoul, South Korea that year. And that same summer, Sarah was born in the seaside province of Jeollabuk-do, South Korea. In December of that year, Sarah traveled halfway around the world with a dozen other Korean babes to a new family & a new home. Being raised in Upstate NY meant that the population was predominately white. Starting at a young age, her parents enrolled her into two nearby Korean culture camps until she was 11 to help her learn and appreciate the country and culture she was born into. Both camps taught her the basics like Taekwondo, how to write her name in Korean, fan dancing, & of course… DUMPLINGS! Or in Korean, mandu. For a picky eater, dumps were ALWAYS a food that Sarah would happily eat in mass quantities.

The Dumps

Local Charleston Retailers

Get your dump fix at the following locations:

Storey Farms – Johns Island

Veggie Bin – Downtown

Choice’s Market – Park Circle

Community Support Grocery

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